Setting up your new Microsoft account

If you have been given a new work M365 account, these are the steps to follow to complete the setup. If not, please reach out to your manager.

1. Open the browser on your computer and navigate to 2. Click Sign in. 3. Enter your work email address and click Next. 4. Enter your temporary account password and click Sign in. 5. You will be requested to update your password – enter your temporary account password, create a new password and click Sign in. 6. You will be requested to setup multi-factor authentication – click Next.

7. [Mobile] Download the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile device – iOS App Store or Google Play Store. 8. [Computer] Click Next and then Next again. You should see a QR code now.

9. [Mobile] Open the Microsoft Authenticator app and click +. 10. [Mobile] Click Work or school account and then Scan QR code. 11. [Mobile] Scan the QR code displayed on your computer. 12. [Mobile] If successful, you should see your account in the list.

13. [Computer] Click Next. 14. [Mobile] A notification for approval should appear on your phone, enter the number displayed on your computer.

15. [Computer] If successful, it should say “Notification approved” – click Next. 16. [Computer] Click Done.

Your account has now been setup. If you have any issues, please reach out to support by creating a ticket.